Medical and medical complaints increased by 60%

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In April 11th, the Provincial Consumer Association announced the "2017 first quarter of the province's consumer associations at all levels to receive complaints", the first quarter of this year, the province's association organization received a total of complaints consulting 2644, of which 878 complaints, solve 711 pieces, complaint resolution rate of 80.97% for consumers 1 million 574 thousand and 500 yuan in economic losses, an increase of 29.25%.

According to statistics, according to the nature of the Complaints Division: the quality of goods 351 complaints, customer service service complaints 115, the price of 33 complaints, 2 complaints of measurement issues, marketing contract 143 complaints, 43 complaints of false propaganda problem, the problem of personal rights complaints 8, counterfeit infringement complaints 19, the other 164 complaints. Among them, fake complaints rose by 216.67%. According to the categories of goods and services: 270 department stores, 245 service categories, 139 household appliances, 37 housing and building materials, 2 agricultural production materials, 74 transport vehicles and 111 other kinds. The largest increases were in the category of tourism services and education and training services, with an increase rate of 233.33% and 600% respectively.

1 decoration materials prices

In January 1, 2017, Ms. Guo, a Baicheng consumer, bought a shell powder paint for house decoration in a local construction material company. After the construction, the wall powder appeared. In the inspection of paint, consumers found that the products sent to the home, packaging, physical properties, etc., and at that time in the shop to see the samples do not match, merchants promised to re spray paint, but has been evasive, not addressed. After Consumers Association staff mediation, businesses finally agreed to re spray the wall.

In the first quarter, the province received 37 complaints of housing and building materials, an increase of 15.62%. Consumers Association suggested: first, the purchase of housing and building materials products to choose reliable reputation and good quality businesses; secondly, do not easily believe that verbal propaganda and commitment to the business, it is best able to promise and the content of a written contract agreement, while preserving the shopping contract and the original invoice; finally, both signed the order of building materials the contract or the housing purchase or renovation contract, must use a model contract, differences and recognize the legal meaning "deposit" and "deposit".

Consumers Association reminded that consumers should pay earnest money in advance, pay in advance when you want to clear yourself in the "deposit" and "deposit" in the legal responsibility.

Question 2 education and training contract disputes increased significantly

In February 2017, pear County Consumers Association received Mr. Wei's complaint, saying that in May 2016 in a local driving school to apply for a driving license, but I do not know why, driving school has not arranged for him to study. In December 2016 he found the school request a refund, the refund has been verbally agreed, for various reasons quibble. Consumers Association survey found that the driving school due to tight funds, has been shirk. After the Consumers Association mediation, the school returned the fees.

At present, the number of disputes in education and training contracts has increased significantly, especially the breach of education and training contracts. Main performance: first, not according to the contract training. Businesses tend to insufficient enrollment reasons such as intentional delay classes even after the commencement of classes, some free to change the class, change teachers, cancel the course; two is the existence of false propaganda problem of the admissions process. Individual non academic institutions of education and training irregularities; three is to set unfair format terms; four is not issued to consumers or arbitrary charges; five is free to disclose consumer personal information.

In the first quarter, the province received education, training, service complaints increased by 600%, mainly from the nature of the contract issues, after-sales service issues and false propaganda. Driving training problems prominent, non - degree education, training, false propaganda generally.

Question 3 health care products complaints surge

Consumers Ms. Wang in February 21, 2017 in Changchun high-tech zone a cucumber stores spent 3980 yuan to buy health care products, merchants through the large screen video lectures publicity supplements to treat diseases to consumers, she was tempted to buy a commodity, the effect to take home after but did not play a business promotion, but the nose bleeding physical discomfort. Consumers to shop for return refund denied. Consumers Association survey that the merchants suspected of false propaganda, through the staff's patient mediation, merchants refund for consumers in full.

In the first quarter, the complaints of medical and medical supplies received by the consumers' Association of Shandong Province increased by 60% compared with the same period of last year. To health food, drug complaints mainly. At present, a large number of health care products rely on promotional activities to lure the elderly, and after-sales service is useless. Saves the association to remind the broad masses of consumers, does not believe easily to the health food advertisement. Consumer disputes occurred in a timely manner to the relevant departments to report complaints.

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