Switzerland is ready to transport medical supplies with drones

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The next day, drones will be used to deliver medical supplies and laboratory samples between Swiss hospitals, according to the fortune website.

Swiss Post On Friday, local time said that after completing a series of unmanned air vehicle delivery tests this year, it hopes to use the drones to deliver medical supplies to the two largest hospitals in 2018.

Since 3, the Swiss postal service and the American drone company Matternet, California, have partnered with drones to deliver about 70 items between two major hospitals.Federal Office for Civil Aviation Their tests were approved, and the drone project was monitored for security and legal reasons.

According to the plan, the Swiss post will continue to carry out the UAV delivery test before April 4th, and then to evaluate the project. The Swiss Post said it plans to test the drone project for another 1 months this summer.

"As long as the drones meet all the stringent requirements for safety, practicality and reliability, the two hospitals will use UAVs for daily delivery," the Swiss post said."

Fortune said that when using drones for delivery, hospital staff loaded laboratory samples into a box attached to a drone, and then ordered a drone to fly to another hospital with a mobile app. The Swiss post did not disclose the distance between the two hospitals, but the distance between them could be less than 12 miles (19 kilometers) because the tested drones could fly only 12 miles (19 kilometers) at one time.

The two hospitals have helicopter landing sites, using infrared technology to help guide the UAV landed in the right position. If the UAV fails during the flight and cannot fly properly, its own parachute will automatically open so that the UAV can land safely.

The interesting thing about this UAV delivery system is that it flies in urban areas rather than flying in remote areas like many uavs.

The Swiss regulatory environment seems to be more beneficial to such drone trials and mass UAV delivery projects, the wealth said. Although the Federal Aviation Administration last August issued a commercial application of the UAV UAV project regulations, enterprises still need approval, and the UAV flight distance cannot exceed the operator's sight, can't fly in the pedestrian head, which may affect the daily flight of uav.

Amazon, Google, parent company, Alphabet and UPS are testing UAV delivery in the United states. However, several unmanned aircraft analysts and technical experts said the current regulatory environment, technical limitations, and financial viability means that the next few years, UAV delivery service in the United States can not be a great success.

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